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All right, Rebel Writers! Are you ready for some deep dive training to kick your writer's block to the curb? I've been working on putting together a full week of content to get our minds clear and our fingers typing! (or pens flying?!)

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Renee Zukin is an educator, writer, and host of the weekly interview series: Conversations to Raise the Collective Conscious  

Renee supports people who struggle with anxiety and self-doubt to reconnect with their authentic voice through writing, so that they can show up fully in their lives, embrace visibility, and create impact with their message.

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"Renee has an inherent wisdom. She is a passionate teacher who walks her talk. She has an amazing way of bringing a sense of peace and strength to difficult aspects of life."

Jai Westgard, RM/T
Energy Healer & Teacher

"Renee is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and practical coach. She was very helpful in setting goals and making me accountable! I'd highly recommend a 1:1 session to see if her services match your needs!"

Bert Brook

"Renee brings a spirit of warmth to her workshops. Her facilitation skills provide a forum for the participants to ask questions, share results from the exercises, and most importantly learn new skills. Take her courses. You'll find it fun, therapeutic, and applicable to problem solving."

Bob S.
Business Administration

Looking for more individualized support?

In addition to the Writing to Heal program, Renee offers one on one coaching and energy healing packages.


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