The Next Evolution

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2021

In 2010, I wrote an outline and table of contents for a book entitled, The Next Evolution, which is still waiting patiently to be written.

It's not that I stopped evolving, in fact quite the opposite has occurred. The shifts in my life, the ebbs and flow of relationship, of children growing, of jobs and money and all the life learning put me right where I needed to be in order to navigate this year we've just had.

Without the psychological and spiritual tools in my back pocket, this pandemic year could have looked much, much different. But that's a story for another time. Today, I am being drawn to return to the idea of The Next Evolution

Who are we meant to be? Collectively and Individually, this humanity and time we are living in? And how do we even get there?

Over the last year there have been many conversations in different spiritual and communal arenas about Ascension, the 5th Dimension, elevating consciousness, etc., and it's not lost on me that at the same time we are wrestling with a virus that can ravage the physical body, that for some literally and suddenly can take them out of this world. I mourn the collective loss.

We've had other kinds of losses as well: other illnesses, deaths, experiences, connections, and more. The grief is palpable. Sometimes our only choice is to embrace each other and allow the grief. To make space for its expression and honor it. 

For me, as a firm believer in the marriage of science and spirit--the existence of both the physical world and the one beyond our senses--there is no coincidence that the idea of ascending our current state is at the top of our minds. It makes sense that we would wish to transcend what is happening here.

But ascension is more that that, and I believe that sometimes it's just a matter of semantics. I believe that this virus has changed us all, whether we had it or not, and we have an opportunity here to evolve and create more of what we want our lives to look like--individually and collectively.

We have already begun The Next Evolution



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