Every Day Bravery

Writing Our Way Home

Just Do It

You're staring at this blank screen. Cursor clicking. It's so cliche, but cliches are a thing because there is so much Truth to it.

How do you write something meaningful? Uplifting? Authentic? True?

Well, you just start. Like I'm doing now. 

No more thinking or planning. Nike says it best, "Just Do it"

So I'm here. Just doing it. 

In the moment, one letter at a time.

Despite the cold. Despite the pandemic. Despite the odd tweak of pain in my shoulder which demanded I take a break from a lot of things yesterday.

The body knows well. Much better than the conscious mind sometimes. These paths of energy and dis-ease running through our spaces where we can't see them.

Only feel them.

If we just take a moment to 


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